The most comprehensive build guarantees in the market



We have built our reputation on our ability to deliver quality of design and construction. This, combined with the fact that we work with the best suppliers and professionals establishes IDDOMUS as a leader in its market. We therefore have the confidence to offer the most comprehensive construction warrantees available in this region today. Thanks to this, a property carrying the IDDOMUS marque of quality not only has added value but also protects your investment.

Every property built by IDDOMUS is subjected to rigorous quality inspections by highly respected international survey and certification bodies such as OCA ICP and SOCOTEC, who issue detailed reports available to all our clients. Every building phase is thus certified before we issue invoices for stages completed and signed off – offering our clients complete transparency and accountability both in technical and financial terms. This, ultimately, is the definition of customer peace of mind.

By committing our payment schedule to the quality of the work we deliver, we give our clients the ultimate assurance that they pay only for what has been successfully completed according to the project’s planning and design. We leave ourselves free to exceed your expectations, but never to fall short of them.

The risk to our clients is therefore minimised, as pre-payment is not required. Moreover, IDDOMUS guarantees exceed the ten-year structural guarantee required by Spanish law. In addition, IDDOMUS villas come with a three-year overall guarantee for premises and installations, as well as three years of technical maintenance.