IDDOMUS chooses cutting edge building technology 

IDDOMUS designer Villas are built with the unique Building Technology System SISMO®, a cutting edge construction concept which makes traditional construction methods obsolete in terms of Speed, Quality, Cost efficiency and Sustainability.

There are many advantages to this method of construction, which support the integral Quality of IDDOMUS Unique Designer Villas.  SISMO® building systems comprehensively encompass Foundation, Structure and Roofing as well as Thermal and Acoustic Insulation. The execution time is optimised, considerably reducing delivery times with a result that is second to none with regards to the Villas' Stability, Durability and Energetic Efficiency.


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The SISMO® system is fully adaptable to the architect's creativity with a flexible lattice structure that allows for infinite possibilities in the design of the building, including curved structures and no dimensional restrictions, providing a construction method with virtually unlimited possibilities.

The basic structure of the SISMO® building system is a three dimensional module, the SISMO® module. This module is made from a galvanised steel wire lattice. At the exterior sides infill panels are inserted. These panels transform the lattice into a closed structure, which is filled with structural material (concrete). The steel wires also act as armature and anchoring for the finishing material.

SISMO® buildings are completely and permanently insulated. There are no thermal bridges. The insulation material can be placed on the outside, on the inside or on both sides of the building module. The type and width of the insulation material can be chosen by the builder as well as the width of the concrete and the type of finish.SISMO® building technology also guarantees efficient acoustic insulation.

The superior design of the SISMO® module provides maximum strength during concrete placement. Once complete, SISMO® structures reach an incredible structural integrity. Tests and experience have shown that the strength of a SISMO® structure is far greater then a comparable traditional structure. With this system concrete and polystyrene will not rot or decay, making a SISMO® structure virtually maintenance free for many years to come.



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