Out of the Ordinary Times

Out of the Ordinary Times

The hopefully soon to be overcome spread of COVID-19 calls for adjustments in an out of the ordinary circumstance. Foremost the health integrity of all people is at stake, and at Iddomus we have responsibly joined the #WorkFromHome premise for all departments that allow this measure to be logistically put in place. All projects in development phase are worked on and attended to in full capacity by the members of our design and architecture studio.

With regards to the actual construction sites, the Spanish government has to date not issued an enforcement to halt, as long as all health and safety measures are in place. Circumstantial issues with the supply of materials however, are bound to affect the daily progress of the construction, not allowing us to guarantee that scheduled timings will be met at this point. We are keeping our clients abreast of the developments through personal communication to this respect.

Last but not least we also wish to encourage our friends, clients and followers worldwide, to strictly follow the current global emergency state norms and recommendations to promote a speedy defeat of COVID-19!



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