The Bet! A Development Case Scenario

Throughout the years, Iddomus have been working very hard on providing the best real estate services in Costa del Sol. Whether it is building an already thought project or looking for the perfect new built villa, our team give the very best effort with every client to not only meet the expectations but overcome them -and you can be sure they are high, really high.

In January, we were contacted by a client, after they were scammed by their construction company. We then continued the construction work on the foundation and part of the structure. We only had 6 months to finish, as they were arriving for their vacation on the 1st of July.


A case scenario that we, as a developer in Marbella, will never forget is the funny story about an international client that found a magnificent connection with a design that would fit perfectly with the foundations they had on their land in Elviria. The married couple was looking to build the perfect holiday home in which they could spend their vacations and relax from the stress of work and everyday life.



Chapter 1 - The proposal


Our team worked really hard to design the right place. However, we didn't want to just create a holiday house they would enjoy but also make it a valuable investment that would put the money to work for them at the same time.


After much planning, our staff came up with the best possible proposals according to their needs and desires. The family just fell in love with the design of a two-floor, +3500 square feet home, meant to be built on an 18,000 square feet land -like theirs- with 4 amazing bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, astonishing views and 2-inch width wooden floors, which were later retrieved from a beautiful swiss chalet.


The design of the kitchen had a gorgeous hand-made Marroquin concept from which it was hard to simply look away. The idea was based on using pre-manufactured concrete to hold the weight of the high internal and external walls of the building that helped open up space and make people feel free. But, as it would be somewhat difficult to control the temperature, our team thought it was best to install underfloor and ceiling heating systems that would distribute it and conditionate all rooms to perfection.


As if that wasn't enough, the villa that was going to be near malls and local attractions would be later equipped with a photovoltaic system that would effectively gather energy for self-consumption and last-generation batteries whose capacity could be controlled from Belgium.


In fewer words, it was the perfect home for them.


Chapter 2 - The bet


We were 6 months away from the perfect deadline in summer -a little close-, which is when they wanted the property to be delivered. But there was a problem, the wife thought we couldn't do it based on her past experiences with other real estate developers.


We told her we were not like any other developer in Marbella Marbella and promised to deliver in the summer that year. As she did not believe us, she spiced things up a little bit and bet that if she was wrong she would dive into the pool with whatever she was wearing at that very moment.

We accepted the bet and got to work.


Chapter 3 - Payday


Summer was getting close, so they planned to come to Costa del Sol on their holidays and check on the construction. Shortly after, 1st July arrived -delivery date- and it was time to pay! Someone was going to get into the pool and guess what? It wasn't going to be us.


In the end, they arrived at Elviria to have a look at the construction and what they found was that it was completely built and ready to deliver. So she took off her shoes and -in her excitement- immediately got into the pool! She was so happy she did not mind at all.


If you want to know more about our development services or would like to inquire about our real estate solutions, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be more than glad to assess you in whatever you need.

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