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If you are looking to invest or maybe live abroad, a real estate project in build your dream can be one of the best options available for you. Nonetheless, there are too many companies in the market to choose from and it's important you pick the right one from the very beginning. Of course, this is not an easy task. You should go for a firm that provides you with a comprehensive service. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the middle of endless professional negotiations that would turn your experience into a nightmare.


Fortunately, Iddomus has placed all the info you need in a single post, in order to answer your recurring questions and guide you through the process with good advice.



How does the market work for projects Marbella?


The current market is saturated with contractors of all sizes and each one of them has positive and negative aspects. Therefore, the best you can do for your projects Marbella is to approach them directly with your most important questions before making a decision, that way you can cover your needs and wants.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to keep the architect, the company, the contractor, designers, legal advisors and other professionals in sync. There are too many people involved and it will take you time and energy along the process. That's why one of the best companies in this branch is Iddomus. Its philosophy and business model is based on providing the most comprehensive and best possible service. So the architects, contractors, designers, legal advisors and basically every single professional needed for the project will be synced without you.


The best part is that a single person reports back the entire process to the clients, so you will not have to lose time being intermediary or keeping everyone in sync. The developer Marbella designs, takes measures, makes the legal arrangements and even decorates. It covers every single aspect of the process in order to hand over the keys to the client without problems.


What are the references or credentials of Iddomus?

Iddomus and its staff have all the legal credentials and they can be provided to the client under request.

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In addition, Iddomus has been running for years in the Spanish market and its outstanding work has positioned it as one of the best companies on the Costa del Sol.

What can I expect from the process?


After contacting Iddomus' team and sending them a briefing with an established budget, you will be asked to meet with the architectural department to explore both locations and designs, which will depend mostly on the feasibility and availability of the specific project on that land. In case you need advice and technical information about the land, the team will be glad to help you.

Then, the architects will present you a pre-design of the villa that will follow your briefing indications to receive feedback and adapt details according to your idea of a perfect home, based also on the assessment of the land you acquired

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The next step is to go for it! After signing the order that allows and commissions Iddomus as the company that will build your dream villa, the team will provide you with the estimated cost and project plans, a DIN-A3 book that contains all 2D and 3D drawings as well as a closed budget with every single appliance and fitting, even outlets and taps.


Once the estimated cost and project plans are approved, you can sign the building contract. The developer Marbella will then apply for the license and tart the liaising process with the relevant authorities.

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It is important to highlight that even though you will not be involved in every single aspect of the process, you will be in constant communication with the assigned person and you will receive visual updates of the building process.


The final step is the completion of the project as well as the assistance on the last administrative procedures, and that's it! The client is ready to enjoy the brand new custom home with all the peace of mind provided by Iddomus, including an extensive guarantee.


How much time will my project take?


Obviously, the type of service and magnitude of the project will have a major impact on timing. Building a house will probably take much longer than redesigning your interiors. Nonetheless, you will always be provided with a due date, based on the experience and schedule of Iddomus.

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What's the usual payment plan?


Our payment plan is quite simple and it always works for all the parties involved. Once the work schedule of the month is finished and everyone is content on writing, Iddomus will issue a monthly certificate while the client wires the payment. Always take into account that, as a strong and steady company -and differently to others in the market-, Iddomus does not ask for money upfront.

If you are interested in the services of Iddomus, do not hesitate in contacting us. We will be always glad to guide you through the process!



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