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Innovative architects, engineers and eco warriors are currently working hard to create and implement sustainable design ideas that will help us tackle problems relating to climate change and the use of space in cities. The building industry needs to embrace this thinking, which will utilise previously wasted energy and materials, and help create a healthier and often more attractive world.' 

The Roca London Gallery is hosting an exhibition that explores projects concentrating on the practical use of urban developments for the growing of food and reusing waste. The smart initiatives featured cover important issues facing shortages in land, and how homes can become energy-positive by incorporating systems powered by renewable energy.

Enterprises covered include an underground farm thirty three metres beneath Clapham High Street in south London, which grows green produce for supermarkets in tunnels built during the Second World War. Also featured is a botanical idea trialed during Beirut Design Week last year for ‘food growing car parks’ where gardens are built on platforms raised above parking spaces. These smart constructions provide shade for cars and create areas where food can be grown in a city, which besides being productive is good for the environment.

Other ventures propose creating productive areas on previously unused surfaces such as the side of buildings and on platforms floating on water. These projects will use recycled materials to build scaffolding and stages where food can be grown and accessed easily, while the concrete and brick used are effectively made to look aesthetically pleasing.

These schemes often involve the generation of electricity via alternative energy systems, which use the natural resources available in populated regions, such as human, garden and food waste. There is also the ingenious use of residual heat from computer servers that can be applied to agriculture, to warm greenhouses and dry crops, thereby harnessing processes that are normally a drain on finances and the atmosphere.

iDDOMUS considers sustainability to be extremely important to every part of the building process, from preparing plots and sourcing materials to designing facilities such as heating systems and eco friendly swimming pools. For more information about the unique iDDOMUS concept and our full range of services, contact us via our website.

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