Five interior design trends that inspired in 2018!


With a new year to embrace and fresh design trends to look forward to for inspiration, interior designers and architects will surely be feeling revitalised and ready to tackle 2019 head on. However, will any of the fashions and fads that stood out in 2018 be carried forward in the big samples swatch that the industry can refer to for creative ideas in 2019?

Head-turning patterns that just stepped out of the seventies, deliberately mismatched kitchen units and industrial styled light fittings all made a significant contribution this year. Furthermore, there was a diversity of materials and furniture to choose from, so let's take a look at some of the best styles, trends and colours that decorated our homes in 2018.

The Scandis are still thoroughly en-vogue!

There remained a penchant for natural looking furniture and the materials used to create fixtures and fittings in 2018. Stripped backed timbers continued to be paired up with soft neutral colours, but this year they were also matched with plush textures and graphic prints for extra contrast in Scandinavian designs.

Everyone had a bent for coloured metal!

Whatever your favourite precious metal, you could find it represented in many forms of furniture, fixtures and fittings either as a main material or merely present as a colour. Brass, copper and rose gold were utilised throughout elements in lighting and kitchen design, and gold-toned elements were even appearing in carpets.

We went bold, we went large!

Tropical prints, large flowers and bright colours were the order of the day within wallpaper and patterns for cushions and curtains. This was a fashion that spread a great deal of happiness and demanded interior designers to have the confidence to clash a little with the materials and paints they used. Geometric prints were mixed with bold blocks, spots and stripes, and placed on neutral backgrounds to create uber contemporary chic on everything from bed linen to kitchen sink splashbacks.

Hello? The 1970s are still calling!

The seventies were back again in 2018, bringing more innovative industrial materials to the table, including the use of terrazzo in flooring tiles and bathroom fittings. Homeware designers added inspiration from nature and matched it with former hippie type materials including rattan, wicker, tassels and fringed edging.

Kitchens of interest

Alongside the ongoing and lucrative market for contemporary modern styling there is a great interest in a traditional rustic and more haphazard approach to kitchen design. In 2018 designers placed freestanding unvarnished wooden storage units next to sleek quartz work surfaces and often replaced clean white walls with unique and colourful non matching tiles.


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