Lighting design trends to brighten up your life in 2019

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Reports on expected trends in lighting design for next year are predicting an exciting choice will be available for consumers, whether their taste leans towards an opulent chandelier or a modest side lamp in natural materials. At one end of the industry catalogue are ceiling lights encased in huge jewels, while the other features plain glass shades; there has rarely been a time when so many contrasting styles have been considered ‘en vogue’ in lighting design.

Throughout the choice of chic brass casings and futuristic sculpture-like fittings there is a constant nod towards sustainable lighting, and LED bulbs remain a key feature. Research has shown that poor lighting has an influence on health and smart interior design will also consider these issues as well as the environment.

As lighting is an essential part of every indoor space it can have a huge affect on a person’s mood, their sleep patterns, immune system and hormones. The general consensus at present is to reduce the use of incandescent lights and introduce compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create better conditions for your wellbeing. However, the best kind of light bulb to include when designing a house is a window, as natural light is key to good health and provides the best kind of lighting in existence!

So it’s all exciting news for fans of the world of light fittings and it appears every interior designer has an unprecedented and environmentally friendly portfolio of styles, materials and ideas to choose from in the coming year.

 Expected lighting trends for 2019 include:

  • Brass and copper metal shades and fittings
  • Super energy-efficient LED lights in new shapes and colours
  • Futuristic and artistic designs reminiscent of sculptures
  • Natural materials such as concrete, marble and wood
  • Opulent, palatial and bejewelled ceiling lights


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