The rise and rise of innovative design in the kitchen

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The space in your home allocated for creating culinary magic or just your traditional morning coffee deserves as much thought as the living area or bedroom with regard to aesthetics and usability. Often the heart of the house, the kitchen is normally a place of warmth and activity but rarely the most beautiful room in the building, nor the one equipped with the best technology.

 Of course this old fashioned outlook has changed a great deal in recent years and now all new property developments will focus as much attention on the kitchen worktops as they do on the dining room floor. The rise of the celebrity chef and TV programmes on cookery over the past few decades has created a passion amongst the population for food, fresh produce and fine dining. These strong interests have filtered through to create a demand for more splendid kitchens in the household and the modern equipment to facilitate the best cooking possible.

 A newly built kitchen can be rustic in style but also fitted with state of the art appliances to help with the latest foodie preparation practices and a perfect luxury lifestyle. Materials used to create working areas for preparing meals can range from industrial to natural to contemporary, and every genre in between, ensuring that any kitchen can be beautiful and they never have to be boring.

 The style trends that emerged in 2018 look set to continue throughout next year with concrete, brass and copper expected to be high on the list of popular materials used for surfaces, handles, taps and other fittings. Terrazzo, a material composed of a mix of substances including quartz and granite, is tipped to be used more extensively as it offers some unique and colourful alternatives to concrete and marble.

 Old and new kitchen brands, either prompting or following a trend for non-white appliances, will be manufacturing white goods in varying vivid shades. Of interest is a range of vibrant cookers from the respected partnership of Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana, while Bosch is now producing fridges in an even braver choice of colours.

 Whether planning the design of a whole new home or the refurbishment of a kitchen, a host of innovative materials and appliances are now available to you. With colourful patterned tiles, indoor herb gardens and bright metal faucets also set to appear as strong trends for kitchen design in 2019, the possibilities to create the perfect unique kitchen are seemingly endless.


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