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Many companies like to vaunt their eco-credentials, however few go as far as IDDOMUS in carrying out their stated objectives. From recycled paint to repurposed railway sleepers, every avenue is explored to ensure that wherever possible, materials and methods employed are environmentally friendly.

One important focus in modern-day construction is that of clean energy. Energy wastage on either cooling or heating is no longer tolerated; in fact, it is now the law that houses are sold with energy certification to inform potential buyers of the energy efficiency of the property.

Innovation, sustainability, efficiency
It can be said that environmentally friendly construction is built on ‘innovation, sustainability and efficiency’ – which just happens to be a phrase often repeated by one of our suppliers, Ampere Energy. Proposing a ‘new energy model for the twenty first century’, this company supplies us with intelligent batteries that use weather predictions, energy prices and the user profile in order to achieve maximum self-sufficiency.

The batteries consist of three elements which, combined, allow the user to take control of energy provision. Within one unit is found ion batteries, photovoltaic cells and the Energy Management System (EMS). The most important element of the batteries, the EMS is effectively the brain of the unit. Based on advanced software that controls solar energy, storage and consumption throughout the day, this clever technology analyses weather patterns for an indication of potential provision necessary, as well as electricity prices, and decides how and when is the best time to charge.

The batteries, with a ten year guarantee and a potential lifetime of twenty five years, are also themselves recyclable.

Through constantly researching innovative products such as these, Iddomus is able to stay at the forefront of green technology, using clean energy to help reduce their client’s carbon footprint.

If you want a beautiful home that is also kinder to the environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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