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It is no longer sufficient, or indeed conscionable, for a developer to simply design and build homes with no thought to the environment. As a property development directly impacts upon the landscape, we must now look at ways to reduce our imprint upon our surroundings, during design, construction and crucially, for many years into the future.

For this reason, we seek out approaches and materials that reduce the burden of pollution and improve our sustainable credentials. Recently we introduced the products of an innovative Dutch company that supports this objective through the innovative use of recycled paint.

Reduce, reuse, recycle
Inter-CheM is a Dutch company that collects and processes chemical waste. The innovation is in taking left-over paint and converting it into a useable, sustainable product – amongst others recycled chemicals – for which the firm has created a separate brand: Inter-GreeN. One US recycled-paint manufacturer estimated that on average, households keep 27 kilogrammes of used paint, most of which is still useable. Scaled up to an industrial level, the potential of this process becomes evident.

Chemical waste is collected by the parent company, Inter-CheM, with sorting happening on arrival, based on viability. Raw materials are stripped out of unwanted waste that can then be blended, quality-controlled and returned in a virtuous circle, with less waste, less transport and less pollution involved.

Not only are these products recycled and sustainable, the company strives to ensure that they are durable too. This ensures the lifecycle of materials is extended, further burnishing their green credentials.

The use of Inter-GreeN is part of a whole range of methods employed by IDDOMUS to ensure that our homes make as little impact on the environment as possible: reducing energy consumption through careful architectural design, using recycled wood in house construction and domotics, or Smart Home technology to ensure that heat and electricity usage are kept to a minimum. We are doing our utmost to ensure that an Iddomus home is not only beautiful, but also taking strides towards environmentally responsible construction.

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