The impact of lighting


Illuminated stretch ceiling 2

Lighting as one of the vital elements of homes, offices, schools, shops and other manmade structures has long since transcended the simple practical need for illumination. We no longer live in a purely functional world where light had only the purpose of allowing us to see what we were doing in a factory, a school or a kitchen. Soft lighting has done much more than that, creating a welcoming, cosseting setting that in itself is the very definition of homeliness, and where this was once limited to ornamental table lamps and spotlights, today we have a whole range of wonderful tools at our disposal to create fantastic settings for home, work and entertainment venues alike.

Lighting plays a central role in today’s homes, restaurants, offices and also shops – adding ambience to stylised architecture, open-plan layouts and large windows that allow natural light to flow into the interior. You might think that, having got so good at illuminating buildings with natural light, manmade lighting has lost importance, but nothing is further from the truth. Even during the daytime it works closely with modern design and plays an important role in making once-dreary work and learning spaces places of inspiration and creativity, converting dark, unfriendly homes into richly ambient living spaces that you want to call home, and accompanying your mood as the situation suits.

Indeed, while most lighting is ambient and golden-yellow in tone, today’s systems offer a kaleidoscope of colours and visual effects that beautifully match different moods and occasions – ranging from parties and romantic settings to work-outs, soft light for tired eyes, movie nights and also those moment when you really need to see what you’re doing. We recommend white light for this, but for the rest you’re free to let your imagine run wild, encompassing a wide range of colours not only in the house itself, but also on terraces, in pool areas and creating a fairy tale setting in your garden. We are currently seeing a trend towards ‘stretch’ lighting (see photo - client project spa area), which plays with the softness created when light is played through diverse materials. The effect should as a rule be stylish and subtle, adding to your décor, but with the ability to run amok in bright colours when you’re in the mood!


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