Who needs a home gym?

Home gym

You’d think that fitness exercises accompanied by rousing music have always been a part of health-conscious people’s lives, yet in reality group fitness classes are a relatively new phenomena, entering into the public consciousness with the arrival of Jane Fonda and her ilk in the mid-1980s, when suddenly everyone became crazy for spandex and lycra. Since those days, the fashion for fitness has grown exponentially and there are now more methods of getting fit than there are days in the year. From stationary bicycles to zumba to weird and wonderful methods – goat yoga anyone?! – there is a way to tone those muscles and get that heart pumping that will suit even the most dedicated of couch potatoes.

In recent years a new way of getting fit has emerged, however, and as is often the case, it originated at the luxury end of the market though not in expensive urban gyms but rather in luxurious private homes.

The arrival of the home gym
Once the preserve of Hollywood stars and corporate captains of industry, who either didn’t want the public to see them sweating and straining or didn’t have time to attend classes, home gyms have trickled ‘top-down’ into the mainstream. High end luxury homes are therefore still the place to find the true ‘home gym’ – rather than just a spare room with some free weights bundled in a corner and a stationary bike with laundry hanging from the handle bars. So, what could you expect to find in a luxury home gym?

The main difference between a home gym and a luxury home gym is in its quality and style. A premium brand treadmill such as Woodway or Technogym will not only deliver a moving surface to run on, it can mimic different types of surfaces, such as grass, pavement or track. It will link with an app so you can track your progress, monitor your heart rate and follow a programme leading to an aspired goal – all this while looking gorgeous.

Dumbells or free-weights are naturally a must too – but not all are created equal in the luxury home gym world. Hock is considered to be one of the premium brands – and at $14,000 a set it isn’t hard to understand why. Designed to the finest detail, they are made of sustainable wood, non-reactive stainless steel, Italian leather and finally crafted in Germany. In fact, even if you didn’t have the energy for working out with them they could double as an interesting sculptural talking point.

A home gym wouldn’t be complete without an exercise bike. And of course, not just any old exercise bike. The Peloton is the one to buy, optimally engineered to offer a smooth and silent ride, this bike comes with its own spin classes attached, complete with streaming from famous US-based cult Spin centre SoulCycle and with the capacity of monitoring workouts and improvements in performance it’s said to be rather addictive.

We can only scratch the surface here of what’s available for your home gym, but in your IDDOMUS  house we will do everything we can to make sure you have a home equipped with the finest, functional and most of all luxurious new gym available today. Contact us for more information.  

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