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In our last blog, we looked into the origins and availability of Smart Home technology, or domotics.  No longer a sci-fi dream, we are seeing a rise in the use of this technology in our homes – the huge popularity of Amazon’s Alexa this Christmas being just one example of how we are embracing machines that make our life easier (“Alexa, call my Mum!”) without even realising how carrying out simple tasks have changed over the past few years.

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What can we look forward to?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which recently took place in Las Vegas, is organised to show us just what we can expect in the near future. Many weird and wonderful gadgets were on display, including the frankly unsettling Sophia, a robot with a female face that has just learnt to walk. There were also robots with an immediately practical purpose, for example the Ubtech robot that can patrol a home perimeter, detect motion and record incidents with an integrated camera. Alternatively, there is the Aeolus robot, which acts as a butler and cleaner in one, vacuum cleaning the house and even remembering your favourite drink at the end of the day!

Smart home technology has also moved into the most intimate room of the house, with an American company named Kohler producing a whole suite of interconnected sanitaryware. The morning shower can be programmed for each member of the family according to water flow and temperature preference, and turned on and off with a voice command. Even the toilet is wired up and provides hands-free flushing, bidet cleansing, feet warming, a night light and even toilet seat temperature management.

Iddomus Signature Villas – Smart Homes Now
An Iddomus house may not come with its own robot butler (yet!), but we are invested in making our homes as comfortable and user friendly as possible, using the latest technology available.  To this end, we work alongside our clients with Genesis Technologies to deliver an integrated solution in all of our Signature Villas. We can play the music you want in the room you wish, fit a state-of-the-art home cinema in your basement, install automatic blinds and even lights that react to the time of day.

Contact us to find out how we can help you build your smart home of the future today.

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