What are domotics and do you need them?

The rise to ubiquity of the internet has produced many advantages and with the advent of smart phones we are now seeing the development of smart homes. The word ‘domotic’ derives from the Latin ‘domus’, meaning home, and is used to describe all aspects of the smart home.

1950’s films would have you believe that houses of the future would be served by robots, however smart homes of today are much cleverer and less obtrusive, working through wires run throughout the house or also simply via wifi. Ever left home and worried that you’ve not locked the door? A smart home can do this for you, either via a command from a compatible device or automatically, as it will know when you have left the building.

New homes can be fully automated, programmed to provide the perfect ambience in a wide variety of circumstances. With an HVAC system, all heating, ventilation and air conditioning can be controlled and programmed at the touch of a button, keeping your home at just the right temperature, switching on the air-conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. True smart homes can go much further than this. A fridge in the system can take inventory of the groceries it holds and reorder stock items via the internet. It can even suggest menus, shopping lists and provide healthy alternatives if desired! A smart home can connect lights, windows, doors, temperature and ambience, either when you’re there or remotely when you’re away from the property.

This isn’t merely a gimmick or a boon for forgetful people who regularly leave their oven on – domotics can provide a real lifeline to elderly or disabled people.

Smart homes may currently seem like science fiction to the mainstream, yet what Bill and Melinda Gates started, with their fully integrated home Xanadu 2.0, will no doubt eventually become available to all, and before long even be taken for granted.

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