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Eco friendly

Green construction, ecological and environmentally friendly buildings are concepts that have long been spoken of in design and architecture, however it is only fairly recently that these ideas are actually being put into practise.

At Iddomus, we are very much conscious of our part to play in reducing energy requirements in our houses and do our utmost to build homes that are not only beautiful but also as kind to the environment as is possible. A side effect of this is of course that energy bills are also reduced, a definite bonus that comes with an Iddomus house.

What makes an environmentally friendly house?
The key to a sustainable house is to lower demand for energy. This is probably the most important target in an environmentally friendly house, which is ideally achieved through both the materials used – recycled wood, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes – and also through the intrinsic design of the house itself.

Both careful design and technology can be used to achieve this. Insulation is key to retain heat where needed and to protect against the sun where not. Although Marbella is hot during the summer, the winter can be cooler so a careful analysis of sun orientation can optimise these factors. This produces a design that protects against the heat of the sun and traps warmth in the winter to lower the reliance on air-conditioning and heating. Orientation also needs to be studied when deciding where to put covered terraces and parking areas and, obviously, solar panels.

Another way of reducing energy bills is to maximise the use of natural light. A careful design, again taking into account the orientation of the property, can lead to a dramatic cut in artificial lighting use, which is not only environmentally friendly but also a more pleasant environment in which to live. Likewise, thermal bridges need to be eliminated whereby heat is drained from the property.

Not all environmentally friendly factors are financial however. A recent trend has seen ‘living walls’ appearing more and more. These are vertical areas that can be planted with foliage and flowering plants, making not just a stunning visual statement in a home, but also providing added insulation.

With the growing use of domotics that regulate energy consumption as well as provide a whole host of other benefits, there are many ways we can now deliver an ‘environmentally friendly property’, and there are sure to be many more as we develop new techniques and materials.

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