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If you’ve just bought a Marbella home or perhaps had a villa built by our team of architects, technicians and specialist builders, your main focus will be on enjoying your fantastic new home during the long summer months. However, you can extend the season into the gorgeously sunny and mild autumn, winter and spring, during which it is a pleasure to play golf here, go for walks along the beach or into the beautiful countryside, visit the fascinating cities and villages of the Andalusian interior or simply enjoy café society and fine dining in Marbella.

A time of year that few think about when buying a property in Marbella is Christmas. It is true that a lot of Northern European homeowners in this area head back to the colder settings more readily associated with the festive season, above all to be close to friends and family, but many stay here for the milder weather and relaxed atmosphere, and even invite their loved ones to join them. It is with this is mind that you should think about creating the right ambience in your home – one that brings Christmas into a setting where it can be cloudy and a little bit rainy, but is more likely to be sunny and autumnal.

Snow on your lawn and tall northern pine trees create an almost immediate association with Christmas, but there are lots of fun options available if you want to add a little festive flair to your Marbella home. The main department stores like El Corte Inglés and specialist décor shops such as Habitat and Casa – not to mention bespoke interior designers – offer a world of decorative choices ranging from positively traditional and rustic cosiness to sleek modern minimalism. Whichever you prefer, add comfy throws, little displays of tasteful Christmas decorations, a large tree as a focal point and added touches such as potpourri, candles and bowls filled with fruit, nuts and or chocolate temptations.

Dried flowers also add to the ambiance, and if you have an open fireplace why not stack fir cones and blocks of wood for that extra cosy feeling? Christmas is all about getting a warm glow inside, so fill your home with the delicious fragrance of seasonal baking and mulled wine. Clouds rolling down the mountainside will add a sense of seasonal décor, but you’d be surprised how pleasant it can be to sit on your terrace on a sunny day, blanket around you and a glass of wine in hand. We hope you make the most of your new Marbella home and fill it with seasonal cheer.

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