Landscaping that blends into your surroundings


 We whole-heartedly agree with landscape architects like Swiss-based Enzo Enea who suggests that you should integrate your home and garden into their surroundings, not impose an overly decorated look on them.

The wisdom of blending into our surroundings – especially when they are as beautiful as Marbella – has been around for some time, yet many an architect, developer and homeowner continues to come in, bulldozer the land and impose his or her will upon the natural scenery. This can often lead to beautiful gardens that evoke tropical or temperate landscapes, but it comes at a heavy cost in terms of effort, money, land moving and indeed water resources.


Why not look at what is there before you put pen to paper and create the abstract grounds conceived within the cold environs of an office? After all, if more designers really studied the site they would develop more of a feel for it and this rapport would see itself reflected in more sympathetic landscaping, with gardens that don’t fight and try to tame the topography and lay of the land, but actually enhance what is there.

The result is almost always a more harmonious ambience, where orientation, views, the choice and form of plants and greenery, as well as the flow of the land that surrounds your home achieve their prime roles of not only being captivating to the eye, but also nourishing to mind and soul. By using the land in this way we achieve a better harmony between environment and garden, the indoor and outdoor parts of the house, and also the resources needed to keep them beautiful.

Using mostly endemic plant species anchors your property within its natural and cultural surroundings, but also reduces water usage and the risk of expensive plants and trees dying and having to be reset. Not all locations are the same; they are subject to micro-conditions that require localised solutions, and that is exactly what a skilled landscape architect does – create beautiful manmade scenery that enhances your living environment.

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