Interview with iDDomus founder Gert Cleymans


iDDomus was founded out of a homebuyer’s exasperation with local builders, and when he suggested Belgian-born Gert Cleymans should establish a specialised villa construction firm working
to Northern European standards, the story began. Having learned his trade in Belgium but always harboured a love for Spain, Gert first moved to Marbella in 1995. Here he built a name for himself, and in 2012 one of his clients was so satisfied with the quality and method of his work that he suggested a partnership that has since blossomed into a leading Marbella maker of bespoke luxury villas.

“We work to different budgets and can accommodate different styles, but in the main our clients come to us for luxury modern villas that are not as large as the exclusive homes being built some ten, fifteen years ago, but need to offer the latest in technology, comfort, style and luxury,” says Gert. Added to this is the growing importance of villas that are energy-efficient, easy and economical to maintain, and also supremely comfortable throughout the year. “Gone are the days when people would endure cold in the winter and have to blast the air-conditioning throughout summer. Today they want intelligent climate control and we are in a position to offer pleasant year-round temperatures based on optimal insulation, glare-protected windows, careful orientation of the
property and above all good natural air circulation.” What’s more, homeowners also want to be able to remotely access the home automation system and adjust the temperature settings in advance of their arrival. It reveals a trend in domotic systems that is moving away from unnecessary complexity to effective functions that are easy and indeedintuitive to manage, whether you’re a computer buff or not. “What we’re working very hard at right now is developing villas that are not only energy efficient but also capable of being energy independent – i.e., capable of going off grid and providing its own electricity needs.”
“We’re working with the latest types of ‘invisible’ solar energy panels that will make the old glass panels a thing of the past in no time and revolutionise the possible applications. These are exciting
times in terms of technology and the doors it opens,” says the man who has built a team around him capable of establishing such a reputation for the iDDomus brand that it is now a value-added factor for those beautiful modern homes that proudly carry its name.

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