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All companies wish to stand out and be somehow different, but when a firm truly does offer a unique proposition it becomes what is called a USP, and those, though much-vaunted, are not as common as one would think. The philosophy and concept behind iDDOMUS makes it stand out from the many companies that build, design and/or develop properties in Marbella.

Founded at the height of the financial crisis, iDDOMUS is a highly successful and sought-after architectural and construction firm that specialises in delivering luxurious contemporary turnkey villas. What’s more, we do it differently, and therein lies the added value. For the very company was founded upon a client’s satisfaction with the manner in which we handled the design, construction and delivery of his beautiful new villa.

A different approach
In Marbella there are architects, conventional construction companies and also some that manage the process from beginning to end, but iDDOMUS is a truly bespoke villa builder that helped to pioneer modern construction techniques in this region and eschews quantity in favour of quality. Indeed, we build only villas and focus very much on creating one-off homes that you won’t find anywhere else.

To achieve this, we work very closely with the owners, ensuring that we understand their vision and lifestyle preferences perfectly before embarking on the design, orientation and distribution of the villa. During the construction process, we provide weekly visual updates so the client can follow the progress of their villa. This we manage very carefully, always studying new tried and tested technologies and techniques that improve the comfort, style, quality of life, energy efficiency and easy maintenance of your new home. Indeed, we are so confident in our work that we provide guarantees over and above those stipulated by law.

As a result, a villa that carries the iDDOMUS brand is not only different but unique, built not in series but exclusively for you! We consciously focus on working in a very personal, bespoke manner that requires a very direct commitment on our part as well as a scale of operations that allows optimal attention to detail and quality control. It makes iDDOMUS a boutique design and construction company whose contemporary Marbella villas are timeless and full of distinguishing personal features.

In this we listen to our clients, building our approach, philosophy of working and concept entirely around their needs – and it works, our clients keep coming back and recommending us. And whether they opt for the latest materials and styles or follow our own preference for a well-balanced blend of modern, rustic and ethnic design elements and expertly sourced natural materials such as aged wood, handmade tiles and matt concrete, the result is always the ideal representation of our personal style. This, in a nutshell, is our concept.

Please contact iDDOMUS if you are interested in building a villa or acquiring land for your new home, to see what we can do for you.

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