iDDomus new construction projects in Marbella

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iDDomus new construction projects in Marbella


iDDomus is a leader in the design, construction and delivery of turnkey villa projects in Marbella, having made a name for the quality of the architectural and interior styling of the properties it creates, as well as the highest standards of construction and project management that make it stand out.


Born out of project where the client was so impressed with the design, engineering and time management of managing director Gert Cleymans and his team, iDDomus has since come to be known as a value-added villa brand in a market dominated by luxury properties.


To stand out in such a market is not easy, but the architectural and construction firm has done just that with cutting-edge technology and highly attractive styling driven not by design trends but by a desire to create beautiful, timeless villas that are a reflection of their owners’ personality and lifestyle.


“What makes iDDomus different is that we are truly a bespoke villa constructor, limiting ourselves to individual villas and meticulous quality control. We don’t build apartment complexes or gated villa communities, but focus exclusively on delivering unique, one-off villas designed for individual clients.”


By forsaking quantity in the name of quality, iDDomus has distinguished itself as a true maker of unique, made-to-measure villas featuring the last word in technology, innovative yet timeless design, quality materials and project management you can rely on.


Northern European standards

“We respect both the natural and the cultural environment we work in, and design homes in accordance with this, but we do have a Northern European work ethic and it shows in the pride we take in delivering our projects on time, on budget and to our clients’ specifications.”


Indeed, Gert and his team always strive to exceed such expectations, keen to surprise new homeowners with a property that is even better than they had expected. “Each project is different in setting, concept and style, though they all bear the iDDomus brand of quality.”








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