Spanish architects receive recognition for work in Andalucía

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Two architects with offices based in Madrid will be officially recognised by the revered industry academy, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), in February next year. Spanish designers Ignacio Vicens y Hualde and Emilio Tunon have been named amongst a list of seven people to receive the 2019 International Fellowship for their exemplary work.

Five interior design trends that inspired in 2018!


With a new year to embrace and fresh design trends to look forward to for inspiration, interior designers and architects will surely be feeling revitalised and ready to tackle 2019 head on. However, will any of the fashions and fads that stood out in 2018 be carried forward in the big samples swatch that the industry can refer to for creative ideas in 2019?

The IDDOMUS commitment to quality suppliers, equipment and materials

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IDDOMUS is known for creating unique contemporary turnkey properties that are built to perfection and beautifully finished throughout. Buyers of Spanish property in Marbella and its surrounding region can feel assured working with the Belgian-owned development company that every room of their dream villa will be completed to a superior standard.

The art of displaying art in your home

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Art is subjective, always a matter of taste, and most adults will have a clear and established sense of what kind of art that they like. Most art collectors, either novice or experienced, are unlikely to want advice on what type of art to buy; however, if they want to live with their collections it helps to take some sound advice.

Lighting design trends to brighten up your life in 2019

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Reports on expected trends in lighting design for next year are predicting an exciting choice will be available for consumers, whether their taste leans towards an opulent chandelier or a modest side lamp in natural materials. At one end of the industry catalogue are ceiling lights encased in huge jewels, while the other features plain glass shades; there has rarely been a time when so many contrasting styles have been considered ‘en vogue’ in lighting design.

The rise and rise of innovative design in the kitchen

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The space in your home allocated for creating culinary magic or just your traditional morning coffee deserves as much thought as the living area or bedroom with regard to aesthetics and usability. Often the heart of the house, the kitchen is normally a place of warmth and activity but rarely the most beautiful room in the building, nor the one equipped with the best technology.

Geotechnical studies are important part of IDDOMUS’ work process


When a client signs up to build their dream home with IDDOMUS they enter a process that is collaborative, enjoyable and safeguarded; and one that leads to the creation of their dream home. IDDOMUS is a company that will always strive to assure any future owner of an IDDOMUS signature villa that their dreams will become a reality, and that reality will be achieved in the easiest way possible. 

Eco-friendly swimming pools - kind to the environment and your pocket


In the luxury sector of the Marbella property market it is understandable that time and finances are normally invested in the aesthetic design of a swimming pool for private villas. However, it seems somewhat senseless to invest in the architectural concept of a house and not pay consideration to how the outdoor or indoor pool looks.

The IDDOMUS building guarantee: designed for your peace of mind


IDDOMUS is known on the Costa del Sol for working successfully with buyers and investors to build dream villas in Marbella and other prestigious locations in the surrounding area. Our speciality is the creation of unique modern properties that offer a perfect living experience, and we are committed to providing every guarantee to protect our clients during the building process and after.

Keeping it green in Marbella doesn't mean compromising on design

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Every industry has a duty to consider their environmental impact on the planet, particularly as great positives can be achieved by making simple changes to working practices and production processes. What might be initially perceived as merely a small difference, when making alterations to how a business operates, will collectively create a significant impact over a period of time.

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