Biotech and architecture could turn a house into a living being to improve the quality of life



Many people are incredibly satisfied with their smart homes, but really how smart are they? Of course, they need huge amounts of investment and science breakthrough to change the intensity of lights or make you coffee through voice recognition, but some researchers are focusing their studies on different goals. Goals that involve provide life to the house.

Sounds weird? Well, it may be the response to the environmental crisis we -as human beings- are currently facing. Just imagine buildings could breathe, eat and grow. The idea may seem implausible but some are currently focusing on achieving these futuristic concepts. Let's have a look at some of them.

The prettiest towns in Spain according to local architects

Spain is one of the richest cultural countries in the world for the high level of importance of its historic and artistic patrimony. This statement is not only based on the patriotic feeling but also in relatively objective sources. After Italy and China, Spain is the state that holds the higher number of entries in the list of the UNESCO's Patrimony of Humanity, totalling 48. 

 The rich and complex history of Spaniard territories has left the country a luxurious monumental legacy, defined by all the civilisations that have lived together or have passed by throughout the centuries.

 Most of these architectonic milestones focus on cities that are -or, at some point in history, have been- important economic, industrial and administrative capitals, but it also keeps its treasures in the rural side

 Once again, the conservation state of these buildings is somewhat heterogeneous and, in some cases, the will to keep them as if nothing had happened is more than doubtful. But, as Antonio Perla -Professor of Art History in UNED- points out: "There are delightful places that resulted from quite recent performances in which there have not been an attempt of supplantation, but rather it has been intervened conceptually in a very correct manner, with completely identifiable lines, using modern materials along with remnants from the past, retrieving its spaces."

 An example would be the town Santa Maria de Mave, in Palencia, "a perfectly strategic point in which the roman-Palentian air surrounds it." Along with it, here you have some of the towns that have been highlighted by a jury of experts, formed by architects, professors and critics.


The Bet! A Development Case Scenario

Throughout the years, Iddomus have been working very hard on providing the best real estate services in Costa del Sol. Whether it is building an already thought project or looking for the perfect new built villa, our team give the very best effort with every client to not only meet the expectations but overcome them -and you can be sure they are high, really high.

In January, we were contacted by a client, after they were scammed by their construction company. We then continued the construction work on the foundation and part of the structure. We only had 6 months to finish, as they were arriving for their vacation on the 1st of July.


A case scenario that we, as a developer in Marbella, will never forget is the funny story about an international client that found a magnificent connection with a design that would fit perfectly with the foundations they had on their land in Elviria. The married couple was looking to build the perfect holiday home in which they could spend their vacations and relax from the stress of work and everyday life.


Villa Greta, your next luxury home in Marbella.


Located in Los Altos de los Monteros, Villa Greta is part of a closed set of 4 four villas, one of the best projects in Marbella. The elegant residential area is not only a perfect place to enjoy the peace and beauty of both nature and modernism, but also one of the most discreet and private areas in the city.

Building new properties and extensions in Marbella


If you are looking to invest or maybe live abroad, a real estate project in build your dream can be one of the best options available for you. Nonetheless, there are too many companies in the market to choose from and it's important you pick the right one from the very beginning. Of course, this is not an easy task. You should go for a firm that provides you with a comprehensive service. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the middle of endless professional negotiations that would turn your experience into a nightmare.

iDDomus hands over a signature villa in Montemayor

IDDOMUS 6 50 Front 004

We’re proud to announce that we recently delivered a brand-new, ready to move in villa to delighted French clients. The sleek, modern lines of the new home, set in Montemayor, Benahavis, mirror the advanced build quality and technical amenities and luxuries that it offers.

iDDOMUS attends international property event for buyers of second homes

iddomus fair

iDDOMUS was pleased to be an exhibitor last week at the successful SECOND HOME BEURS, an international property fair focused towards buyers interested in purchasing a second home. The event was held in Utrecht earlier this month and attracted over 7,500 visitors, and exhibitors from over twenty different countries.

The bright future of sustainable architecture

sustainable design

Innovative architects, engineers and eco warriors are currently working hard to create and implement sustainable design ideas that will help us tackle problems relating to climate change and the use of space in cities. The building industry needs to embrace this thinking, which will utilise previously wasted energy and materials, and help create a healthier and often more attractive world.' 

New iDDomus project in Los Flamingos

villa flamingos iddomus

Exciting news for February is the fact that we’ve just started work on a new villa project in Los Flamingos. The villa, which overlooks the green valleys and Los Flamingos golf course down to the sea, is a stunning property in contemporary architectural style. Naturally, it features all the latest technologies, comforts and amenities, as well as being built to the quality and environmental standards of an iDDomus villa.

Is 2019 the year to build your dream home in Spain?

dream home iddomus

Most people have aspirations, not only for themselves but also for their children and the collective future of their family. Everyday ambitions will vary from brilliant exam results to landing an interesting, well paid job while further-reaching goals might encompass travelling the world or buying a property in another country.

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